Location: aberdeenshire

Value: £800k

Status: construction


We were appointed as Architects to design a 300sqm contemporary self build house set in picturesque Deeside to the South of Banchory, Aberdeenshire.

The house form makes reference to the surrounding old farmsteads by adopting a ‘C’ shaped plan. The inner courtyard opens up to the South creating a private, sunny and sheltered external space whilst the outer walls of the ‘C’ plan create a ‘robust’ stone shell. The stone walls are broken at the gables to form recessed areas of glass and cladding. Thin roof overhangs project over the recesses protecting the external finishes and preventing the internal spaces from overheating in the summer.

The main length of the building is orientated toward a local landmark on top of the Scolty hill summit. The North West gable is glazed allowing direct views of the distinctive tower from the majority of the open plan ground floor space and master bedroom above.

External finishes consist of natural materials including, natural slate roofing, horizontal slate stonework with areas of timber cladding and large South facing glazing.